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Rummy Plus

Da tavolo

Meet new people from all over the world! Do you like classic card & tile games such as Rummycube, Gin Rummy, Belote, Canasta,101 or Taki? Then, you'll definitely enjoy Rummy Plus! It's very easy to sort and meld the tiles while having fun with friends and family. Your free chips and friends are waiting for you!* Rummy Plus is now available on Google Play for free!* Connect through 3G, Edge or Wi-Fi and play the classic "Rummy tile" game online with “Rummy Plus” quality against your friends, family or players from all around the World.* You can see your online friends and join their table with a single click,* You can socialize while playing Rummy Plus,* You can also connect with a guest account instead of your Facebook account,* For you to enjoy Rummy Plus as much as you want, thousands of free chips every day.* Your friends have joined the fun in Rummy Plus along with expert Rummy players, since it’s the fastest, quickest and most extraordinary Rummy tile game online. You should join them too!
PLAY NOW*If you click to “Play Now”, the system will find a table for you without keeping you waiting and you will start playing Rummy Plus within seconds!
CHOOSE A ROOMYou can join one of the special rooms which are customized for players with different levels, and become a legend by playing everyday.
CREATE A TABLE*None of them are for your taste? Then create your own table and choose the amount of bet yourself!
PLAY with YOUR FRIENDSYou can see which of your friends are online from your friendlist, and join their table and have fun playing the classic Rummy Plus together
Socialize with your friends in this classic family tile game.
LISTEN TO YOUR FAVORITE TUNES WHILE PLAYING*Why shouldn’t you listen to music while playing Rummy Plus? We thought out everything for you. Select the songs you like most and double the fun by playing Rummy Plus and listening to your favorite tunes at the same time.
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